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2006 Kenworth T300

2006 Kenworth T300, Cummins ISC / 300HP, Allison Auto, 220K Miles, w/ Progress MC306 Aluminum Tank, 3000 Gallon, 4-Compartment (1000-800-800-400), Dual Equipment (Neptune Meters, Reels, Blackmere Pumps), Air Manifold, Bottom Loading, Dixon Overflow, In Current HM Test.

2019 Ford Truck, Gas Engine, 3700 mi, Automatic, Generator, Multiple Refrigerators

2019 Ford Truck, Gas Engine, 3700 mi,  Automatic, Generator, Multiple Refrigerators VIN # 1F65F5KY0K0A04544

2006 Polar SCX7, DOT407, Stainless Steel / Non-Insulated (2-Available)

2006 Polar SCX7, DOT407, Stainless Steel / Non-Insulated (2-Available) , Double Conical, 6500 Gallon, Center Unload, 3” Front Pump Off Line, Spring Ride, Stainless Steel Sub-Frame, In Current HM Test. 2006 Polar SCX7 for sale

2005-2006 Polar Stainless Steel Insulated

(T21243) 2005-2006 Polar Stainless Steel Insulated, DOT407, Center Discharge – Double Conical, Stainless Subframes, 400F Barrel, Steam Panels, 3” Front & Rear Pump Off-Line, Ground Level Vapor Recovery, Air Ride, Tire Inflation, In Current HM Tests. Multiple Units Available in Chicago, IL or Houston, TX

2017- 2018 PETERBILT 579 80” SLEEPER

Multiple Units Available in Hammond, IN & Pasadena, TX, 2017-2018 Peterbilt 579 80” Sleeper, ISX Cummins, Auto & 13-Speed Transmissions, Disc Brakes, Platinum Interior, LED Light Kits, SS Rear Fenders, APU – Mileage 600K-700K, Hydraulic Pump & Compressor Systems, Hose Racks, Aluminum Storage Boxes.

2005 Polar DOT407 Aluminum

Used 2005 Polar DOT407 Aluminum For Sale. 9000G Gallon, Double Conical, No Baffles, Center – Rear – Front Unload, Bottom Loading, Vapor Recovery, Civacon Over Fill, Air Ride, In Current HM Tests. 2-Available

2007 Mack CTP713 Box Lube Van Truck

For sale 2007 Mack CTP713 Box Lube Van Truck, MP7-365/335HP (Pre-Emission), Allison Auto, Triple Pump Equipment / 3 Systems = Liquid Controls Meters, Hose Reels, Gear Pumps, Lift Gate, 460k Miles, Fresh DOT Annual