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Corporate Headquarters

1646 Summer St
Hammond, IN 46320
Tel (877) 712-5866
Fax (219) 852-5104

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have multi compartment trailers?

    Yes, Altom has both Aluminum and Stainless Steel compartment trailers – Insulated Options too

  • Where are your strong areas of coverage?

    The Midwest and Gulf Coast in the US and Eastern Canada

  • Do you have dedicated equipment?

    Yes, we have dedicated trailers for Aviation Fuels, Asphalt, and other priority materials

  • How long have you been in business?

    Altom has been in business since 1978

  • Do you go into Canada or Mexico?

    Yes, we cover all Provinces of Canada and intermodal – Flatbed into Mexico

  • Do you have trailers with in transit heat capabilities?

    Yes, Insulated Single & Multiple Compartment Tanks with In-Transit Heat Capabilities

  • Do you have areas that are good for back hauls?

    There are several areas such as Gulf Coast, Midwest, & Canada are good areas for back haul opportunities currently

  • Do you have lightweight trailers that allow for high capacity or high weight loads?

    Yes, we do have high-capacity lightweight trailers that are excellent for certain chemicals.

  • Do you have pumps and compressors on all your tractors?

    Yes, all company trucks are outfitted with pumps and compressors.

  • Do you have trailers with fall protection?

    Yes, upon request.